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Planning is underway for the annual Centralia Swine Research Update:

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Kirkton-Woodham Community Centre
Kirkton Ontario

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Reposted from an Ontario Pork Industry Council Notice

A new PED case has been diagnosed in Ontario. This is the first new case diagnosed in Ontario since July. Clinical signs were seen at a farrow to finish farm in Middlesex Monday November 10th. Samples were taken Monday evening and laboratory confirmation was received November 12th. The most significant risk factor for this farm was pig transport. The producer and his veterinarian have developed a control and elimination plan for the farm and have notified key service providers.

Please review your biosecurity procedures on farm. Use of unwashed trucks is a significant risk for PEDV transmission.

Our thanks to the producer for his rapid response and transparency as we work together as an industry to control and eliminate PED cases in Ontario this fall and winter.

Cold Weather Trailer Disinfection Procedures provides details about proper trailer disinfection.

The income shown for the market pig in the recently posted October 2014 OMAFRA Swine budget was $244.45, up over $52.00 from the October 2013 Swine Budget. The difference was realized through an increased market pig base price (up $40/ckg, 100 index) and a heavier dressed carcass weight (up 3.54 kg). The increased market hog income along with a decreased farrow to finish feed cost (down $7.83 per market pig) led to a net return improvement of over $60 per market hog from October 2013. For more information see the 2014 October Monthly Swine Budget on the OMAFRA website:


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·        The Ontario Base Market Hog Price is averaging $182.81/ckg, 100 index, down $7.78/ckg from last week’s average. Downward pressure is from a lower CME Constructed weekly average price of US$88.76/cwt. (down US$5.17/cwt. from last week) but support is coming from a lower Canadian dollar weekly average of 88.78 cents (up 1.36 cents from last week’s average).
·        The USDA Pork Cut-out Value is averaging US$96.50/cwt. which is down US$2.01/cwt. from last week’s average with all primals being down except for ribs.
·        US slaughter has averaged 2,173,527 the last three weeks but remains 4.4% below last year for the same weeks. Dressed weights averaged 212 pounds the last two reported weeks which is 5.5 pounds above the same weeks last year. 
·        Ontario market hog sales year to date continue to be up 2.7% over last year. First quarter sales were up 2%, second quarter up 5% and third quarter is up 2.8%. Dressed weights for the last 2 reported weeks have averaged 102.5 kg.
·        Current daily movement in the pork cut-out, cash price and nearby futures indicate next week’s price movement will be down.
Today’s Daily Prices are:
·        Ontario Base Market Hog Price – C$182.11ckg, 100 index
·        CME Constructed Price – US$88.07/cwt.
·        Noon-Hour Bank of Canada Canadian Dollar value – 87.54 cents

This article was originally posted on Field Crop News (http://fieldcropnews.com/2014/10/2014-grain-corn-ear-mould-and-vomitoxin-survey). Written by Greg Stewart and Albert Tenuta.

The OMAFRA Field Crops team has completed the survey of the 2014 Ontario corn crop to determine ear mould incidence and the occurrence of mycotoxins in the grain. These mycotoxins, particularly vomitoxin (DON) produced primarily by Gibberella/Fusarium ear moulds, are grading factors and can be disruptive when fed to livestock, especially hogs.

202 samples were collected from October 14 to October 17, 2014 from corn fields across the province. In each field, 2 random areas were selected: in each area 10 consecutive ears were hand harvested and bagged. In fields with several hybrids, representative samples were taken from two areas for each hybrid (maximum of 4 hybrids per field). The 20-ear samples were then immediately dried and shelled. The resultant sample was thoroughly mixed and a sub-sample provided to A&L Laboratories in London for vomitoxin (DON) analysis.

Read full article…

Doug RichardsDouglas Richards, Swine Specialist for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, was announced as the winner of the Ontario Pork Congress Industry Leadership Award on October 20 in Stratford at the Annual General Meeting of the Ontario Pork Congress (OPC).

Frank Hogervorst, 2013/2014 President of Ontario Pork Congress, commented that he had never seen a more detailed and succinct nomination form outlining career and personal accomplishments during his time on the Executive. Frank quoted Doug’s nominators: “Doug’s most significant achievement is best described as outstanding communication of ideas, new technology and information both internally throughout the swine section and externally as a representative of the sector”.

Richards thanked Hogervorst for the award saying that he especially enjoyed working and volunteering in the pork industry as clients and colleagues often became close friends and he felt that was unique to the pork industry. He also shared the evolution of his career and a few entertaining experiences over those 34 years.

The Pork Industry Leadership Award is awarded annually to an individual who has given freely of his/her time and provided distinguished service to the Ontario Pork Industry and community.

The Ontario Pork Congress has been in existence since 1973 and has a goal of bringing together all segments of the pork industry and to showcase what it has to offer. To learn more about Ontario Pork Congress, visit www.porkcongress.on.ca.

OSHAB Big Bug Day Presentations from the keynote speakers can be seen at http://www.opic.on.ca/publications/oshab-presentations


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