Welcome to Laura EastwoodLaura Eastwood the new Swine Specialist with OMAFRA. After completing an undergrad degree at the University of Guelph in Animal Biology, Laura moved to Saskatchewan to pursue a Masters degree followed by a Ph.D. (2013) in swine nutrition at the Prairie Swine Centre and the University of Saskatchewan. For the past 2.5 years Laura has worked as a Research Associate at the Prairie Swine Centre in the Nutrition Department, focusing on the relationships between nutrition and pig health/performance. Laura will be working out of the Ministry’s Stratford Office and can be reached at Laura.Eastwood@Ontario.ca.

Larger hogs need increased ventilation rates to maintain air temperature, quality and humidity levels. Watch out for heat stress when moving larger animals.  The Heat Stress in Livestock and Poultry App is a free download for Android and BlackBerry that will help you identify critical stress levels.   app

What tools do you use for budgeting? The June Swine Budget is now available on the OMAFRA website.

2015 Ontario Monthly Hog Market Facts (pdf)

2015 Ontario Monthly Hog Market Facts

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From a release by OAHN:

The Ontario Animal Health Network has released its new website, which provides a home for animal health information for veterinarians, producers and owners. OAHN.ca features a sign-in area for veterinarians, where they can access survey results and reports to keep on top of animal health patterns in Ontario. For producers, the site features resources, reports, and species specific information. In addition, the website features podcasts, contact information and helpful links and videos for vets, producers, pet owners, and industry experts.

For Vets: How to Sign-Up

If you are a veterinarian that wishes to sign up for access to reports, please click the login/register button on Oahn.ca and fill out the appropriate information. You will be notified upon approval, and when you sign in, you will have access to all veterinarian-only resources and reports. Approvals will be made from Monday to Friday. Weekend registrations will be approved the following Monday morning.

Other Resources

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OntarioAnimalHealthNetwork

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/OntAnHealthNet

Through these resources we provide updates on OAHN, information and links for Ontario animal health and disease, OMAFRA and CFIA alerts, and informational and educational articles for vets and owners/producers. Posts are made throughout the day, so there is always information for followers to share.

Podcasts: http://oahn.podbean.com/ – Our podcasts cover everything from animal disease to updates from different industry groups to tips for veterinarians in practice. These are fairly short, educational podcasts that are meant for veterinarians and people on the go.

tables of hog prices and dates

Doug Richards, Swine Specialist, spent a lot of time saying goodbye to people at Pork Congress the last two days. Doug Richards Today was his last day in the office. We wish him well in his retirement.  He will be missed.  Laura Eastwood will be joining the Ministry as the new Swine Specialist working from the OMAFRA Stratford Office. Laura has been working in Saskatoon at the Prairie Swine Centre for almost 9 years. She starts July 13.


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