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Second Student Receives Certificate for Completing Swine Science Online Education
Maaike Campbell an Ontario student recently received a certificate for completing the Swine Science Online course of study offered by the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence.  This is the first and only online undergraduate program in swine science in the U.S.

“I feel like it was a much bigger achievement than receiving my university degree,” Campbell says.  “It was so nice to take a course guided directly towards hogs and to have it taught by such experienced people from all over the U.S.  I really hope more people will take advantage of this program”, said Campbell.

To read Maaike Campbell’s full story, go to:

Ontario Pork Daily News Brief – May 28, 2012

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The Traceability Foundations Initiative (TFI) Intake 2 will be accepting applications beginning June 1, 2012 until July 24, 2012.

TFI is a three-year joint Federal/Provincial funding program that provides up to 75 per cent cost share funding to sector organizations and value chains to support voluntary, industry-led information sharing networks that will enhance agri-food traceability.  Traceability is an important component of food safety programs. Approved projects may be eligible for up to a maximum of $5 million in funding per project.

Visit the OMAFRA website at www.ontario.ca/traceability and click on “funding” to access the new eligibility assessment tool, application, guidebook, and other helpful resources as well as to register for an upcoming education session.

 If you would like additional guidance in completing an application, please contact the Agricultural Information Contact Centre at tfi.omafra@ontario.ca or by calling 1-877-424-1300.

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Are you going to Pork Congress? Make sure to drop by the OMAFRA exhibit at A4-A5 for information on fan and feeder management.

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Swine Information at Your Fingertips

This shortcut (ontario.ca/swine) makes it easy to find new information for the swine industry on the OMAFRA website.

There you will find a new video called “Feeder Management in the Grower-Finisher Barn”.  Feed makes up a very large part of the cost of production, and it’s important to manage it well to reduce feed losses, which will reduce feed costs, and also to ensure good production.  This video demonstrates some hands-on tips to help do that.

You will also find a link to the Ontario Grading Data Explorer program, which provides easy access to grading data provided to all producers in Ontario by Ontario Pork.  The program generates some statistics and charts to help interpret the data.

There is also a link to our growing library of podcasts, providing the opportunity to recap speakers from events such as the London Swine Conference.  And don’t forget that the proceedings from London are available at londonswineconference.ca, and the proceedings from the Centralia Swine Research Update are at centraliaswineresearch.ca, both going back over ten years now.

A link to the swine nutrition e-leaning course, with its ten online training modules, can also be found there.

There are also links to the Weekly Hog Market Facts newsletter and the Interactive Swine Budgets, which together give you up-to-date market information as well as the means to estimate cost of production.

The page (ontario.ca/swine) is updated whenever there is something new available. Check it out or watch this blog.

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AgPal Program and Service Finder is a web-based discovery tool to help producers and others in the agriculture and agri-business sector find the federal, provincial and territorial programs and services that specifically apply to them.

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Young and beginning farmers will find it easier to start and grow their farm businesses 
with the help of a new $500 million loan program, introduced by the federal gov't and 
FCC.  This new loan offers qualified producers who are under 40 years of 
age loans of up to $500,000 to purchase or improve farmland and buildings.
For more information on the FCC Young Farmer Loan, visit  www.fcc.ca/youngfarmerloan .

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The April Swine Budgets are now available on the OMAFRA website.  April 2012 Budgets

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The swine team at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) have provided management tips that swine producers can utilize to help reduce feed costs in the grower-finisher barn. Since feed accounts for 65 to 75 per cent of the cost of raising a pig, and feed costs keep rising, it makes good business sense to reduce costs through proper feeder management.

 Swine feeder management in the grower-finisher barn is about maintenance of and adjustments to feed systems for savings.  Two per cent feed wastage can amount to six kilograms of feed. OMAFRA’s grower – finisher specialist created a seven-minute video that shows what producers can do to reduce feed waste and costs. The video highlights feeder management tips for improving feed usage in the grower-finisher barn.

The swine feeder management in the grower-finisher barn video is on OMAFRA’s website at ontario.ca/swine.

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