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On August 25, 2014 the TSSA issued a Fuel Safety Program Advisory (FS-212-14) that specifies requirements for unvented natural gas or propane heating appliances installed in livestock and poultry barns. This applies to heaters that vent their products of combustion directly into the barn space rather than outside of the building (clause 7.36).

  • New installations must meet requirements after October 1, 2014.
  • Existing barns, with unvented heating appliances, must meet requirements as of January 1, 2016.

Runvented gas heaterequirements include that the ventilation system designer (who must be licensed as a professional engineer in Ontario, pursuant to the Professional Engineers Act) must verify the following two calculations and prominently display this information in the entrance area of each barn:

  • Minimum ventilation rate of the barn (mechanical or natural ventilation) when the heaters are operating is not less than 300 CFM / 100,000 BTUH (0.003 CFM/BTUH) of heaters input [clause 7.36.1(c)].
  • Maximum input of the heating appliances does not exceed 20 BTUH/FT3 of the space in which the appliance is located [clause 7.36.1(d)].

Find out more by visiting the OMAFRA exhibit at Pork Congress June 17 and 18, Stratford.

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Growing Forward 2 (GF2) offers cost-share funding assistance, free workshops and training for Ontario producers, processors, organizations and collaborations.

What’s New for GF2?
The following changes have been made to the program:
• Priorities are clearly identified in the program guides
• All projects will be assessed on merit
• Cost-share funding will be capped depending on the project category
• Some project categories have prerequisites as a required condition before clients can apply
• Approval of your project is needed before costs can be incurred and paid

New Dates for GF2
GF2 cost-share funding assistance application intakes for producers and processors are:
• May 1 to May 21, 2015
• August 10 to August 27, 2015
• November 16 to December 3, 2015

For more information visit www.ontario.ca/growingforward2

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The OMAFRA Swine Budget for April is now available. Click here for more swine budgets.

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