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From a release by OAHN:

The Ontario Animal Health Network has released its new website, which provides a home for animal health information for veterinarians, producers and owners. OAHN.ca features a sign-in area for veterinarians, where they can access survey results and reports to keep on top of animal health patterns in Ontario. For producers, the site features resources, reports, and species specific information. In addition, the website features podcasts, contact information and helpful links and videos for vets, producers, pet owners, and industry experts.

For Vets: How to Sign-Up

If you are a veterinarian that wishes to sign up for access to reports, please click the login/register button on Oahn.ca and fill out the appropriate information. You will be notified upon approval, and when you sign in, you will have access to all veterinarian-only resources and reports. Approvals will be made from Monday to Friday. Weekend registrations will be approved the following Monday morning.

Other Resources

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OntarioAnimalHealthNetwork

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/OntAnHealthNet

Through these resources we provide updates on OAHN, information and links for Ontario animal health and disease, OMAFRA and CFIA alerts, and informational and educational articles for vets and owners/producers. Posts are made throughout the day, so there is always information for followers to share.

Podcasts: http://oahn.podbean.com/ – Our podcasts cover everything from animal disease to updates from different industry groups to tips for veterinarians in practice. These are fairly short, educational podcasts that are meant for veterinarians and people on the go.

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tables of hog prices and dates

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Doug Richards, Swine Specialist, spent a lot of time saying goodbye to people at Pork Congress the last two days. Doug Richards Today was his last day in the office. We wish him well in his retirement.  He will be missed.  Laura Eastwood will be joining the Ministry as the new Swine Specialist working from the OMAFRA Stratford Office. Laura has been working in Saskatoon at the Prairie Swine Centre for almost 9 years. She starts July 13.

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Drop by the OMAFRA booth and find out about requirements for unvented gas heaters that come into effect January 1, 2016. Check out the pig enrichment toys and talk to us about things you can do to improve income and reduce costs.

pig toys

Pork Congress, June 17 and 18

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2016 London Swine Conference Technical Program Meeting

Monday June 15th

1:00 to 3:00 pm

OMAFRA Woodstock Boardroom

401 Lakeview Dr, Woodstock, ON

This will be our annual brainstorming meeting to put forth ideas, topics and suggestions for speakers. Based on the discussion at this session we will build the conference program.

As always, the input of sponsors, producers and industry stakeholders is critical to making the conference a success and keeping it relevant for today’s swine business.

RSVP to Greg Simpson (gregory.simpson@hendrix-genetics.com ) if you or another person from your company can attend.

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The Swine Budgets for May are now available on the OMAFRA website.

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From a release, May 28 2015:

The Ontario Pork Congress is pleased to announce the launch of its 42nd show, slated to take place June 17 and 18 at the Stratford Rotary Complex in Stratford, Ontario.

Bringing together all segments of the pork industry under one roof, the Ontario Pork Congress is an annual celebration that aims to educate, showcase the latest technologies and highlight innovation within a healthy Ontario pork sector.

The 2014 Pork Congress boasted some 2,000 attendees, along with nearly 200 international exhibitors representing many different branches of the pork industry, from feed and health products, to sow housing and digital tools.

Christine Schoonderwoerd, president and promotions chair of the 2015 Pork Congress and long-time committee member, says that organizers expect to have roughly the same number of attendees and exhibitors turn out for this year’s congress.

As far as this year’s flagship events are concerned, Schoonderwoerd and the organizing committee are optimistic that they will be able to host live hogs at the perennially popular Bacon Maker Classic barrow show event.

“The decision whether to have live hogs or not at this year’s event will really be dependent on the level of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) activity in Ontario,” she explains. “In the weeks and months leading up to the event, we will be working closely with our veterinarian advisors to ensure that we’re making the most safe and informed decision possible.”

Making a return after its well-received debut last year, the OSI (Ontario Swine Improvement) Bacon Maker Classic Educational Pavilion will take attendees through a series of interactive stations that provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the entire pork production process.

Attendees wanting to expand their pork palette can also look forward to Taste the Best, a “swine and wine”-themed event that features tastings of local pork products prepared in creative ways by a small selection of local chefs, accompanied by wine samples. A barbecue pork lunch will again be included with admission, making for a delicious day of networking and education.

To work off all of the tasty food fare, Pork Congress attendees can sign up for the Hog Jog, a 3.5 kilometer run and walk, as well as a 10 kilometer run that draws hundreds of participants and brings much-needed awareness and donations to a local charity.

“This year’s Pork Congress organizing committee is as committed as always to making this year’s event another success that educates, engages and excites industry veterans and the public about the strong pork sector we have here in Ontario,” says Schoonderwoerd.

For media inquiries, please contact: Christine Schoonderwoerd, President and

Promotions Chair, Ontario Pork Congress.

Email: schoonderwoerd@quadro.net

Telephone: 519-274-5412

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