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This week the 2019 provincial corn ear mould and mycotoxin survey was released on the Field Crop News blog, and can be found by clicking the link here: http://fieldcropnews.com/2019/10/2019-ontario-grain-corn-ear-mould-and-deoxynivalenol-don-mycotoxin-survey/

This year, 96% of the 222 samples tested contained less than 2.00 parts per million (ppm) DON, which is much lower than 2018.

Details on how the survey was conducted, as well as locations and detailed results can be found by visiting the blog.



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The most recent issue of Centered on Swine Newsletter from Prairie Swine Centre included a Heating and Ventilation System Monitoring and Maintenance Checklist. This is an excellent list to help you walk through key ares of your facilities in order to get them ready for upcoming winter. Preparing your barn properly for winter can result in significant cost savings in heating and electrical costs.

You can access the checklist online via the Prairie Swine Centre website (https://www.prairieswine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/PSC_Heating-and-Ventilation-Checklist.pdf), or by clicking the file below.



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