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Resources and Information on Small Scale Pig Production

A new Small Scale Pig Farming website has been launched! This website is designed for Canadian farmers by small scale pig farmers, veterinarians and swine experts from around the country. Check it out by clicking here!

This page houses resources and information on pig production, management, health, business and more, specifically for small scale pig producers. Whether you are new, or have been raising pigs for years, you can find relevant information and resources on small scale pig production here, updated regularly as new materials come out.


Swine Health

Swine Health

This guide from Food and Farm Care Ontario aids producers in recognizing and responding to health related problems. It includes information on pain identification and management, transportation considerations, euthanasia and federal and provincial legislations.

This Infosheet details a few relevant swine diseases found in Ontario, along with the associated clinical signs, treatment and prevention measures. Diseases include Porcine Circovirus, Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus, Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, Swine Influenza Virus, Exudative Epidermatitis (Greasy Pig), and Streptococcus equi zooepidemicus (Strep zoo).

This Infosheet was developed for the 2022 Grey Ag Services Winter Course – Keeping Pigs and People Safe From Diseases. It highlights practical things you can do on farm to reduce the risk of disease transfer, in turn helping to keep your pigs healthy.

This page from University of Minnesota Extension details early signs of sickness, especially important for producers who want to reduce or do not use antibiotics/vaccines.

This page from University of Missouri Extension details some common internal parasites of swine, treatment options and prevention measures. Parasites are a particular concern with pasture and/or outdoor raised pigs, although some parasites can be present with indoor pigs as well.

This infographic from OAHN details the occurrence of roundworms in swine, one of the most common and economically important internal parasites of swine.

This OMAFRA Factsheet provides an overview of toxoplasma in swine, an internal parasite that can cause food safety concerns with pork. This sheet includes an overview of infection in both humans and swine, as well as measures to prevent transmission.

This PDF brochure from Farm and Food Care Ontario provides information to assist producers in making decisions about euthanasia, while considering pig welfare, economics, safety and public health.

This CFIA page provides an overview of African Swine Fever, a viral disease of pigs that has been spreading across the globe, however, has not been found in Canada. Along with an overview is important information for pig producers on impacts, transmission and prevention.


The Code of Practice is a nationally developed guideline for the care and handling of pigs. Here you can find the requirements and recommended practices for all relevant areas of pig production.

This guide from North Carolina University Extension explains rotational pasture management for swine to maximize the use of your pasture area for swine production and reduce potential environmental impacts. Included are examples of potential rotational pasture designs.

This OMAFRA Factsheet on fencing provides guidance on building fencing suitable for pig containment and exclusion. This Factsheet includes various fencing types and options.

This video presentation by Laura Eastwood, OMAFRA Swine Specialist, goes over important considerations regarding pig fencing and various fencing ideas.

This guide created by Ontario Pork provides information on management, feeding, health, government regulations and mandatory requirements for raising pigs in Ontario.

This manual from the Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians is designed for those interested in raising pigs on a small scale, and provides information in key areas to help you raise pigs successfully and responsibly. You can also find the associated guide on 10 things to know about raising pigs by following this link.

This page provides information on practical tools to measure the size of your pigs, including weigh scales, weigh tapes, measuring backfat thickness and body condition scoring.


This OMAFRA Factsheet provides a comparative feed value for alternative feed ingredients compared to the industry standard ingredients for supplying energy and protein. Utilizing alternative feed ingredients can allow producers to meet nutritional requirements while reducing the cost of the ration.

This link leads to Schedule IV and V of the CFIA Feed Regulations, which contain lists of ingredients that have been evaluated and approved by the CFIA for use in livestock feed.

This page from the U.S Pork Centre of Excellence and Cooperative Extension contains information on how to balance swine diets for various nutritional factors including protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

This page from the U.S Pork Centre of Excellence provides an overview of using forage for swine including nutrient compositions for various types of forage as well as methods of feeding forage.

This page from CFIA contains information on the use of recycled food products as a livestock feed ingredient, including the regulatory requirements.


This link will lead you to an OMAFRA page where you can select which animal class you are looking for, including swine, and find a list of abattoir locations that can slaughter and/or process the specified animal.

This site is curated by the OMAFRA Swine Specialists. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) exists to support the province’s agri-food sector, and the Swine Team is under the Agriculture Development Branch.

Laura Eastwood

OMAFRA Swine Specialist

Stratford Resource Centre

Jaydee Smith

OMAFRA Swine Specialist

Ridgetown Resource Centre

The OMAFRA Swine Team is looking to connect with small scale producers. We want to meet you, see what OMAFRA can do to help you, and figure out the best way to share resources and information with you. The OMAFRA Swine Team has a wealth of knowledge on many pig production topics.

If you are interested in meeting, reach out to Laura or Jaydee, to set up a phone call and/or farm visit.