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Timely feeder management and maintenance of feeding systems can reduce feed costs — the largest expense of a grower-finisher operation. On most farms, feed cost can range from 65%–75% of the total cost to produce a grower-finisher pig to market weight. It only makes sense to continually look for ways to optimize the use and performance of your most expensive input.

Feeder Management in the Grower-Finisher Barn provides helpful advice on managing feed costs.

Watch the Swine Feeder Management Video for ways to adjust feeders to reduce swine feed costs in the grower-finisher barn.


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Estimates suggest that 2%–20% of feed on swine farms is wasted. Feed waste can be caused by many factors, starting at the bin through to the feeder. Trials show a range of 2%–5.8% of feed is wasted at the feeder— an average of approximately 3.4%. The design, size and adjustment of feeders all help control waste. Check out Feeder Management in the Grower-Finisher Barn for more information and hints.

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