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Dr. David Hughes is Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing at Imperial College London and Visiting Professor at the Royal Agricultural University, UK. In this video presentation, which was to have been presented at the 2020 London Swine Conference, he provides his views on “Tectonic Shifts in Global Protein Markets: What Does it Mean for Us?! – With Some Thoughts on the Impact for Meat of the Covid-19 Pandemic”.

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The clinical signs of Senecavirus A can resemble some swine vesicular foreign animal diseases. If clinical signs are seen at border crossings, this can prevent export and if clinical signs are seen at abattoirs (cull sows or market hogs), this can result in temporary shutdown of processing.

The following document has been prepared by Swine Health Ontario and can assist you in identifying the clinical signs associated with Senecavirus A and provide recommended actions if clinical signs are seen.



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In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, downstream flexibility can be achieved in part by predicting and managing upstream risk. This comprehensive, three-day course focuses on practical application and is essential for any farmer or agri-business leader whose production (outputs) or raw materials (inputs) are commodity based.

In summary, you will learn:

 How to set up an account and trade Futures and Options

  • Hedging for Futures & Options, using realistic examples
  • How to understand the technical analysis and information inside charts to improve your timing
  • Practice applying your knowledge to current market case assignments
  • Learn everything you need to know to develop a strategy
  • The course includes up-to-date analysis and practice so that you may apply your new knowledge to current markets

For more information, visit: www.agrifoodtraining.com

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tables of hog prices and dates

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United States inventory of all hogs and pigs on March 1, 2015 was 65.9 million head. This was up 7 percent from
March 1, 2014, but down slightly from December 1, 2014. Breeding inventory, at 5.98 million head, was up 2 percent from last year, and up 1 percent from the previous quarter. Market hog inventory, at 60.0 million head, was up 8 percent from last year, but down slightly from last quarter.

For the complete report go to

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Hog Market Price Trend Report

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The income shown for the market pig in the recently posted October 2014 OMAFRA Swine budget was $244.45, up over $52.00 from the October 2013 Swine Budget. The difference was realized through an increased market pig base price (up $40/ckg, 100 index) and a heavier dressed carcass weight (up 3.54 kg). The increased market hog income along with a decreased farrow to finish feed cost (down $7.83 per market pig) led to a net return improvement of over $60 per market hog from October 2013. For more information see the 2014 October Monthly Swine Budget on the OMAFRA website:


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·        The Ontario Base Market Hog Price is averaging $182.81/ckg, 100 index, down $7.78/ckg from last week’s average. Downward pressure is from a lower CME Constructed weekly average price of US$88.76/cwt. (down US$5.17/cwt. from last week) but support is coming from a lower Canadian dollar weekly average of 88.78 cents (up 1.36 cents from last week’s average).
·        The USDA Pork Cut-out Value is averaging US$96.50/cwt. which is down US$2.01/cwt. from last week’s average with all primals being down except for ribs.
·        US slaughter has averaged 2,173,527 the last three weeks but remains 4.4% below last year for the same weeks. Dressed weights averaged 212 pounds the last two reported weeks which is 5.5 pounds above the same weeks last year. 
·        Ontario market hog sales year to date continue to be up 2.7% over last year. First quarter sales were up 2%, second quarter up 5% and third quarter is up 2.8%. Dressed weights for the last 2 reported weeks have averaged 102.5 kg.
·        Current daily movement in the pork cut-out, cash price and nearby futures indicate next week’s price movement will be down.
Today’s Daily Prices are:
·        Ontario Base Market Hog Price – C$182.11ckg, 100 index
·        CME Constructed Price – US$88.07/cwt.
·        Noon-Hour Bank of Canada Canadian Dollar value – 87.54 cents

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Visit the OMAFRA website for the September Swine Budgets. 

You may also be interested in the interactive swine budget worksheets. These are excel worksheets for Ontario swine producers to calculate the income, variable costs and fixed costs for farrow to finish, farrow to wean, farrow to feeder, nursery, wean to finish and grower to finish operations.


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Global markets are trading slightly higher this morning. US unemployment for April drops to 7.5% (a 4 year low) and better than expected job growth while the European economy is headed for further slowdown and slower deficit cuts, according to Reuters.

According to Agriculture.com, hog prices increased April 30 to the highest level since August 2012 on speculation that demand – which is seeing higher than expected volumes now – will be driven to even higher levels this summer. The demand is reported to be led by China, where consumers have concerns on locally-raised pork.

Crops futures are trading modestly higher in the early session as investors express concerns that continued cold temperatures and snow forecasts across the US Midwest will put a dent into yields, according to Agrimoney.com. A 5% week-over-week gains in US export corn sales may also be a factor in this morning’s positive momentum.

Disclaimer: This commentary is provided for information only and is not intended as advice. Prepared by Jennifer Stevenson, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Ministry of Rural Affairs.

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